Week 1 - Pursuing Passions

As the spring semester of 2015 came to a close at Berklee College of Music, I couldn't believe that I'd made it this far.

I started off in 2012, not knowing anything except for the fact that I wanted to make music for films. My old-fashioned knowledge of music meant that I thought that I would only have to learn writing for orchestras.

But thanks to my mentors and friends, I learned about the path of EPD (Electronic Production and Design) at Berklee, as well as learning about the two video game related minors. And while my love for film composition still remains, I found myself wanting to learn as much as I possibly could before I got out of here into... the real world.


So, for my EPD final project, I have been blessed with a great opportunity to try for myself what it'd be like working as the only audio person on a team. I will be re-doing the audio and implementing it into the game, Mirror's Edge. And I mean, ALL the audio:

- Music

- Sound effects

- Implementation (using UnrealScript, and either Wwise or FMOD)

- Dialogue

- Learning how to create + implement my own reverb tails into the game (rooftops, sewers, office building corridors, ventilation systems, etc.)

In addition, I will be using branching and layering to enter, exit, and intensify game states. Mirror's Edge is beautiful in that it has a very simple premise - you're either running to do something, or you're running away from something.

Because of this, speed will also end up making a huge role in the layering of the music as well as some of the ambient sound.

But meanwhile, over the summer, I won't just be twiddling my thumbs waiting for the fall to roll over! I'll be preparing resources, learning code, transcribing the script, making sketches, and more!

I have Professor Jean-Luc Cohen on my side to guide me and I couldn't be more terrified and excited at the same time. This is gonna be one helluva project :) Let's go~!


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