Scoring for film
Jade Kim has written for the CINE competition, which you can view by clicking the button below.
Collaboration work with Cardiff University

Jade Kim is working with journalism students from Cardiff University. She has scored for awareness videos as well as a documentary on Hong Kong.


Scoring for Ensembles

Jade Kim has written for orchestras since she was 15, and has written for ensembles varying from jazz quartets to full symphonic orchestras. Her compositions have been nominated for several competitions, and she has won three awards at the Young Musician's Festival in Hong Kong.


To view some of Jade's written works, please click the button below.





Having been involved with music for 12 years, Jade is highly accustomed to anything that a situation may call for.


She has:

  • Toured as a classical singer

  • Efficiently written professionally utilized music within mere hours

  • Arranged for ensembles of varying sizes and performance levels

  • Mixed for other artists

  • Won composition competitions

  • Designed sound effects for games and films.

  • Designed patches for programs such as Logic Pro, Reason, and Garageband

  • Written for, and produced albums

  • For more details, please read below.

About Jade Kim...






Life Road Singers - California Tour

Life Road Singers had a 10-day tour of Korean churches around San Francisco as well as Los Angeles.

Life Road Singers - China Tour
Jade has toured with Life Road Singers on a 2-week trip across China, performing a repertoire of 16 songs as an alto in the choir. Life Road Singers is the only foreign Christian group officially allowed to perform in China.


Bass Performances

Jade has played bass at concerts at other colleges, as well as serving as a member on rotation at Cornerstone Church.


Piano Performances

Scheduled to play for the international folk festival at the Berklee Performance Center on March 28th

<Foreign; Part 1>

Jade Kim recorded her first jazz album for a quartet in 2013. The album is released and available for free download in the "Albums" page.


Demo Releases

Jade Kim has several social media sites (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter)  where she releases her music for anyone to listen to. 


You can listen to some of her works by clicking the button below, or you can go to her soundcloud by clicking the buttons below.






Sound Design
Jade Kim's sound designs
Jade uses a variety of tools, from her own recorded samples, to modified synthesisers, that she uses and alters to create original sounds.


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Jade Kim's albums

Jade has published 2 albums so far. The first is an album called REST, in which she collaborated with her classmates to produce.


Jade Kim's 2nd album, Foreign, is out! Click below to listen, and download for FREE!